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Lifehack for Overwhelmed Business Owners

Overwhelmed Business = Less Growth

So what does an overwhelmed business owner do when s/he’s trapped in the weeds of operations instead of focusing on business strategies and growth?

One outstanding solution to this dilemma is outsourcing.

In plain words, outsourcing simply means hiring somebody else to do the job for you.

For business owners, it means contracting a freelancer or agency to take over and do recurring tasks of your business unit/s.

You can outsource almost every function of your business; your imagination is the limit! From a simple data entry job to a more complex function such as customer service, sales, and marketing support, you name it!

How Do You Know if Outsourcing Fits Your Business?

First, determine your objectives – Why do you want to outsource? It could be any of the following:

  • Cost savings from internal hires
  • Help on managing seasonal work volume
  • Regain time from doing frontline tasks
  • Leverage on experienced talents and expertise currently not available internally
  • Improving services
  • Process improvements
  • Transforming business

While on it, you need to determine business metrics per function to be observed as a measure of success.

Second, know what you want to outsource. List down all the processes that you have, determine which processes take most of your time or supervision that is not directly related to increasing your revenue or improving your business strategies.

Next, find a strategic outsourcing partner that conducts business above board! A partner who is able to understand your core values as a business, your product and the quality of work needed to be maintained and obtained over time.

Finally, engage in discovery sessions to enable your partner to know your business and understand your process. A strategic partner will not grab or push for every opportunity to outsource a function for the sake of closing a deal; an ideal partner will exert much effort to thoroughly know your business, identify areas of opportunities/improvements and put forward value propositions that will help you achieve your objectives.

If you are an overwhelmed business owner and losing opportunities to scale up, consider outsourcing as a solution. You must have a growth mindset. Time is a very finite resource, same goes with your vitality. With this lifehack, you can do so much more… outsourcing promises a significant positive impact to your business if done right.

How Process Zip Can Help Your Overwhelmed Business

If you have questions about this article and how outsourcing can transform your business, Vohn and Nick would be happy to jump in a Zoom call with you… Schedule a FREE consultation now and we will be glad to point out process improvement opportunities in your processes as you help us know your business.