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How We Got a Small Business 10X ROI & Saved Hours of Time

Save My Business Money

It’s staggering. Small businesses spend hundreds of hours doing manual computer tasks.

  • Copy / Paste
  • Grab website data
  • Run business reports
  • Rinse & repeat. The list goes on and on…

What many do not know is that you can actually save yourself that time and stress with just a really small initial investment.

How? → Scripting & Automation

How to get 10X ROI from automation

To show you how & why you should do this, we’ll show you how we helped an insurance company save hours of time by automating its documentation process.

How We Saved a Company Hours of Time with 10X ROI

Imagine you have 55 clients. Each client requires a document every month. Each document takes 30 minutes to produce because they require a lot of data analysis, editing, and formatting.

Let’s calculate the time.

55 Documents X 30 Min Each = 27.5 Hours

That’s 27.5 hours to produce this documentation every month. That’s an incredible amount of time (3.5 Full Days Work), especially for a small business.

After reviewing their manual process to produce the documents, we realized that a lot of it could be automated with scripts.

The script (Excel VBA) would…

  • Read a new Excel spreadsheet.
  • Clean the data.
  • Analyze the data for each client.
  • Use a template to fill in each client’s data.
  • Save each document with the client’s name and date created.

We created a very simple user interface (button clicking) for the client to use. Once they clicked the button, the documents would be produced.

Scrubbed version to protect privacy.

Simple Scripting & Automation = Large ROI For Your Business.


Time Saved: 20 Minutes / Document
Total Time Saved: 18 Hours
Money Saved: $2,250 / documentation


Now here’s the kicker. Your next question is this…

How much did it cost?

Given insurance consulting rate averages, the client’s time is worth approximately $125 / hour.
$125/Hour * 18 Hours Saved = $2,250 Saved (just from the first run!)

The client will be using this script many times, and running it 5 times will have an ROI of 10X.

Automation & Scripting Has Large Return on Investment

How can scripting help your business?

Your time is valuable. If you think a process can be automated, why not save yourself some time and automate it with a script?

The best place to start would be to talk with some programmers on UpWork to see if it’s possible to automate and get some quotes. If you have a tech buddy, see what they think. Don’t rush into it because you want it to be done right.

But in short, think automation, because it will definitely be worth the investment. It was for our client, and it could be for you too.