Process Zip

Gamify your process improvement process

Everything is a process that requires steps, and I mean everything; however, we don’t typically take the time to step back, look at what we’re doing, and analyze how we produce things.

Process improvement steps take time and are not inherently all that fun.


Gamify your process improvement process


Idea #1: Give your business a health bar

How many lives does your business have before you meet Bowser?


Idea #2: Do short-term games


Idea #3: Set a Campaign Progress Bar

Arthur Morgan — He always wanted to improve his gang’s tax collection process 😉

Idea #4: Give people fun roles to play

Process Mapping is my superpower, in addition to beating Bowser at Mariokart.


Idea #5: Keep it fresh

Mr. Licorice is always the “Roadblocker”