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Case Study: 90% Faster Automated Document Production

Automated Document Production- Process Zip

Problem: Slow & Manual Documentation

Solution: Automate Process → Achieve 10X ROI


  • Made document production 90% faster.
  • Data errors were avoided by automated error checks.
  • Automatically calculated savings figures and aggregates, making it easier to understand data.

Time Savings: 18 Hours / Documentation

  • 20 min/document @ 55 documents.

How We Did It

Automated Document Production

Our client was producing and recording hundreds of documents for their own clients in the insurance industry. Each document needed to be data verified, checked, saved, and sent to the right individual. The process was very time-consuming and error-prone, given that each client’s document had to be created from multiple lines of an Excel document.

Using the automation tool of Excel VBA, Process Zip created an easy-to-use and customizable program that allowed the client to:

  • Data check each client’s data before production.
  • Aggregate each client’s into a single sheet.
  • Import that data into a word document template.
  • Save the document as a word and/or .pdf document.
  • Save each individual file with a custom filename (ex. Customer Name – Application for Review – 11.04.2021.pdf)

Time Savings of Automated Document Production

The program also automatically calculated the savings from each client’s data points, greatly reducing the time it took compared to manually calculating and inputting this into the document.

Now the client uses this process to save hours of time and errors, and the time saved through this process allowed the client to have an immense ROI for the project given their budget.

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