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Personal Automation — How to Just Worry About the Important Stuff

Personal Automation — How to Just Worry About the Important Stuff

Life is short, and so is our ability to worry. 

Human beings were made to worry about things, many things. Work. Love. Kids. There are just too many things to worry about.

And that’s a problem because we only have a limited amount of stress and energy to give to things.

This is why I try to automate my personal life as much as possible, just as much as we like to do here at Process Zip. I try to focus my energy on only the important things like spending time with my friends, thinking about new business opportunities, and my next travel spot.

I’m going to give you my best tips on how to automate your personal life so that you can focus on the things that matter to you most.

Automate Your Finances

  1. Put your credit cards and bills on autopay ← This will save you hours of time in combination with #2.
  2. Automate your budget tracking with Mint ← Connect your cards and accounts to see where your money goes, how much you make, and trends over time. It’s amazing!
  3. Automate investing with roboadvisors ← Roboadvisers like Axios Financial, Betterment, and Wealthfront. If you’re willing to gamble a bit more, set up a recurring investment with Robinhood to invest in your favorite stocks every month.

Automate Your Home Life

  1. Get Your Groceries Delivered ← That’s right. Grocery shopping is soo 2010! Save the 1–2 hours your spend each week at the grocery store and get someone else to do the heavy lifting!
  2. Housecleaning Services ← They’re not as expensive as you think… If you live in places like Vietnam, rates can be as low as $2/hour. If you’re in the USA, use TaskRabbit to hire people every week to come clean your house for prices around $15–30/hour depending on your area.
  3. Automate Tasks with a Virtual Assistant ← Use services like or to find the perfect person in the Philippines to do the tasks that you don’t want to like paying your bills or scheduling doctor’s appointments. You can find great assistants for prices as low as $5/hour. It’s totally worth it!

Automate Your Job

  1. Learn Python or Zapier to Automate Routine Online Work ← If you have the time, learn Python or VBA to automate your life on Windows and Mac. You can do everything from automating emails to collecting data from your favorite tools.
  2. Hire a Cheap Virtual Assistant ← Do the math. If you get paid $30/hour and can afford $8/hour for someone to do your 2 hours of boring tracking work at the end of the day, would you? Yes! Do it! Value your time, and outsource your boring stuff. But first, make sure you don’t compromise your contract with your employer or clients, and be sure to maintain a strict contract with your hire.
  3. Delegate Work with UpWork & Fiverr ← I’ve used these services many times to do work that I’m not good at. From design to doing JavaScript coding automation, these freelancers can help you focus on what’s important and outsource things that you shouldn’t worry about.

Less Is More ← Focus on What’s Important

When you’re able to automate your life, you can really focus on what’s really important for you. It doesn’t matter what that is; just know that things can be better if you automate and outsource your financial, home, and work life.

Don’t try too hard. Don’t be too critical of yourself, and keep things KIAS (Keep It Automated Stupid).

Want to learn more about how to automate your personal life and business? Reach out!

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