Diversity Inc: How Data Geeks Exposed Fortune 500 Diversity Reporting

It’s frustrating. Actually, it’s outright bonkers, and intentionally so. There are 500 companies on the aptly-named Fortune 500 list, yet only a small portion track and publish workplace diversity statistics. Worse yet, they track their data in different ways. One stat might be labeled the same, but if you read the fine print, it might be […]

Personal Automation — How to Just Worry About the Important Stuff

Personal Automation — How to Just Worry About the Important Stuff Life is short, and so is our ability to worry.  Human beings were made to worry about things, many things. Work. Love. Kids. There are just too many things to worry about. And that’s a problem because we only have a limited amount of stress and […]

The 3 Best Zapier Document Automation Integrations

Why Do Document Automation? Automating documents can save hours of time and unnecessary errors for your business, and it’s a cheap way to speed up your services for your clients. At Process Zip, it’s one of the best ways we recommend to easily and quickly have high ROI process improvement at your business, and that’s especially […]

Create a Personal Dashboard (How Data Improves Your Life)

Personal Dashboards Autosave Your Life Stats Just like in a video game, we all have personal stats, but sometimes we forget how far we’ve come throughout the months and years. That’s why we everyone could use a personal dashboard to track and automate their life stats. Everything is a statistic. How many runs did you do […]

Automate Zoom: Zoom Integrations with Zapier for Business

In the land of the group conference call, the man with the paid Zoom account is king. So how can we maximize our Zoom accounts to make the most out of our businesses? Simple: connect Zoom to Zapier. How to Automate Zoom with Zapier Integrations Want to add people to a paid conference call automatically? […]

Lifehack for Overwhelmed Business Owners

Overwhelmed Business = Less Growth So what does an overwhelmed business owner do when s/he’s trapped in the weeds of operations instead of focusing  on business strategies and growth? One outstanding solution to this dilemma is outsourcing. In plain words, outsourcing simply means hiring somebody else to do the job for you.  For business owners, […]

COVID-19: The Perfect Time to Automate & Outsource Your Business

There’s no other way to say this, but COVID-19 has forever changed business. Millions of people in the U.S. are unemployed. Work-from-home policies are now expected not asked for. Workers are having their hours and wages cut to reduce the pressure on budgets. It’s a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be 100% a nightmare. […]

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