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Benefits of Outsourcing + Automation

Automation and outsourcing initially seem like two things that don’t go together. Why would you hire someone if you can automate a process? Isn’t one better than the other? Should my business do outsourcing, or should my business do automation? The answer might surprise you: a combination of both might just be what your business needs. Let’s take the example of a medical office in Kansas managed by their office manager, Sam. Healthcare data entry services are a big concern for his business; he oversees the patient intake process where patients fill out a bunch of paperwork that has to be manually inserted into the computer by his office staff. Many errors get passed from the paperwork into their patient management system, and it takes time away from what Sam’s office does best: treating patients. The current process costs time and money, and Sam has an intuition that this process can be faster, cleaner, and easier for everyone on his staff. Sam reaches out to Process Zip for a free 30 minute consultation, explaining his frustration about the errors, costs, and process. After hearing about the difficulty of the process, the team at Process Zip recommends the following:

  1. [Automation] Clean up the paperwork to include only necessary fields to speed up patient submissions;
  2. [Automation] Digitize the paperwork to instantly submit and check data when its completed;
  3. [Outsourcing] Hire a virtual office assistant to review the submissions and process them;
After working with Process Zip, Sam speeds up form submissions by 33% and reduces errors by 50% via this combination.
Instead of thinking of automation vs. outsourcing, think outsourcing + automation.
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