Business Automation & Data Services

Business Automation & Data Services

Business Automation & Data Services

Business Tool Development

Need to organize, automate, and speed up your business?

We’ll work with you to develop your dream automation tool (software, script, or bot) to improve efficiency and save resources.

  1. Robotic Process Automation <– Bots to automate things
  2. Software
  3. Scripts, API connections, software integrations

Business Process

Trying to get things off the ground and automate quickly?

Connect your online/offline tools with built-in APIs on your favorite platforms. Save time by implementing flexible online automation platforms.

  1. Zapier (Consulting / Setup)
  2. Other Platform Consulting (Automate, Integromat, Microsoft Power Automate)

Report Automation
& Sending

Tired of producing the same documents and reports by hand?

Let’s automate your reporting and documentation needs with automation tools and custom programming.

  1. Automated Documentation
  2. Report Creation and Sending
  3. Instant Data Notifications <– Get alerted when your KPIs reach certain levels

Data Management

Need to clean, combine, and analyze your data automatically?

Take your data to the next level by automating your data cleaning, joining, sending, and analysis inside your data infrastructure.

  1. ETL
  2. SQL (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL)
  3. Excel VBA
  4. Python
  5. APIs

Business Intelligence
Setup / Support

Want to get DOMO, Tableau, or Google Data Studio up and running quickly?

We’ll connect your data sources and provide real data insights to those who need it most.

  1. DOMO (Setup, Dashboards, Beast Modes, ETL, Dataflows, MySQL Queries)
  2. Tableau (Setup, Dashboards)
  3. Google Data Studio (Setup, Dashboards)

Data Analysis
& Reporting

Finding it hard to know what your data is trying to tell you?

We’re experts at finding the hidden Easter eggs in data. We’ll clean, combine, and analyze your data sets to provide you with easy-to-understand reports and dashboards.

Machine Learning &
Predictive Analytics

Need to know how customers will behave in the future?

Use your data to improve your business, and we’ll use our expertise in machine learning and statistics to drive your business insights forward.

When you know how your customers will behave to incentives and opportunities, your business can reduce risk and create new revenue opportunities.

Business Automation & Data Services
Case Study

  • Automation tool saved hours of time and errors by automating a manual copy/paste process.


One large international company used a manual copy/paste process in Excel to track email responses. Needing a quick solution for a large period of email outreach, the company turned to Process Zip for an automation tool.


Realizing the need for a quick turn-around, we used change management principles to quickly design an easy-to-use tool. It automatically matched with their data points from multiple data sheets, allowing the company to quickly respond to and track emails.

Business Results & ROI

Using the automation tool, the company saved hours of time and reduced errors. Also, their response time and tracking improved.

To see our approach to quick automation fixes, check out our popular article on on how to automate your small business process with Zapier.

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