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Automate Manual Processes

Problem: Time-Intensive Email Tracking

Solution: Automate Manual Process With Automation Tools


  • Hundreds of hours of time saved over the years.
  • 25% reduced data errors.
  • Reduced time to reply to emails by 30%.

How We Did It

Automate Manual Process (From Copy/Paste to Automated)

One large international company used a manual copy/paste process in Excel to track email responses. Needing a quick solution for a large period of email outreach, the company turned to Process Zip for an automation tool.

We used change management principles to quickly design an easy-to-use tool that automatically matched customer data points from multiple data sheets. This allowed the company to quickly respond to and track emails when they had been barely keeping their head above water before.

After automating their manual copy/paste process, the company saved hours of time and reduced errors. Also, their response time and tracking improved. Moving forward, the organization understood the benefits of improving their processes, and Process Zip designed other data automation tools that sped up their processes and saved resources.

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Benefits of Automating Manual Processes

  • Free up your time.
  • Save money on manual labor hours.
  • Reduce errors.
  • Improve efficiencies (send data quicker).
  • Reduce your stress!