Process Zip

About Us

With over 15 years in the industry, see why our clients trust us with solving their toughest business problems.

Who Are We

We’re a small business consulting firm with a diverse background in consulting, data, and outsourcing industries.

We love helping drive small to medium-sized businesses forward with our innovative data-based processes, solutions, and automation mindset.

Our Mission

Help small to medium-sized businesses achieve amazing ROI through better processes and data insights.

We’ll work together to take your data and processes to the next level.

What We Do

Our Process



We’ll work with you to discover what the real issues are for your business.


Define Outcomes

Use data and benchmarks to measure your success, before we begin our approach.



Map out how to get from where you are to where you need to be. We’ll take you from your current state to your future dream business.


Develop Solutions

We’ll start building the process, automation, or output that your business needs to get from A to Z.


Start the new process and explain the data’s insights. We won’t stop until your goals are met.


Monitor & Refine

We’ll continuously improve the process, automation, or data insights and measure the results.

Why Us?

We’re an innovative and boutique consulting team that drives amazing solutions to fit budgets and achieve 10X ROI.

Real results that fit your budget and project. Our team delivers amazing ROI and game-changing insights that will drive your business forward.

We take UX/UI seriously, and our automations, processes, and websites are designed with backend and end users in mind.

Simply stated, we’ll listen and ask the right questions before offering solutions. We want to fully understand your business and what you’re looking to accomplish before we start any project.

In a world full of distractions and unnecessary solutions, we try our best to understand exactly what you need before we start offering solutions.

Time-sucking processes? Attention-hungry asks? Manual processes? No more!

We’ll find the best way to save your business its most precious resources of people, time, and money, all while not charging a ton to make it happen.

With over 15 combined years in the automation, process improvement ,and outsourcing industry, we know how to drive real results for your business.

Amazing Reviews

From million-dollar companies to solo entrepreneurs, see why businesses trust us with their most difficult challenges.

"The automation tools that Process Zip built for us allows me to focus more on the important things that drive our business forward."

- Rachel Jensen (COO)

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Process Zip Review - Identiv

"Process Zip was EXCELLENT! So grateful for their expertise, knowledge, and flexibility. I would hire them again in a heartbeat!"

- Anja Pellegrino (Senior Content Marketing Manager)


"Process Zip was really great and made some really awesome dashboarding work. We will definitely use them again!"

- DJ Krebsbach (Program Leader)

DEI Score

Process Zip - Review

Process Zip automated my documentation process, saving me hours of time. I am very much look forward to the continued time savings.

- Richelle Marting (JD, MHSA, RHIA)

Healthcare Attorney

"Actually LOOKING for more work to give them"

Responded effectively, quickly, and got the job done above expectations. Actually LOOKING for more work to give them — great find.
Andy Tillo - Process Zip Customer
Andy Tillo
Director, Innovation/Solutions, Dell Boomi